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Morocco's Geography

Morocco’s geography is divided into two distinct chains: Toubkal is one of the tallest peaks in the Atlas Mountains, which are separated into three chains: the big Atlas, the middle Atlas, and the tiny Atlas. Watering spots and cities such as Ifran, Marrakech, Agadir, Fes, and Meknes are surrounded by mountains. The seashore is hemmed in by peaks spanning from Tetuan to Nador in the north. The Rif Mountains are located in northern Morocco and are not part of the Atlas Mountains, but rather form part of an arch that extends up to Gibraltar’s rock and southern Spain. The Rif Mountains rise to 2448 meters above sea level at their greatest point, close to the Algerian border, from the coast at Tangiers and follow the craggy Mediterranean coastline almost to the Algerian border.This rocky region contains some lush valleys used for agriculture, which are likely to include illegally cultivated cannabis, for which it has become famous. White washed villages stained by blue in the Andalusia style can be found within these mountains.

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