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Morocco: the 8 most delicious dishes you have to try

Morocco is a vibrant country, as you can see in its people, its dances and its music, but especially in its food, which has really excited me. Each dish filled our palate with a multitude of exotic and familiar flavors, making each of our meals an authentic travel experience.

The best advice is that you try everything you can, the skewers, nuts, orange or beet and orange juices, its great variety of sweets, but above all you should not miss the following typical dishes:


Couscous (wheat semolina seed) cooked and accompanied by vegetables, lamb, beef or chicken, is one of the most traditional dishes, which is usually prepared at home on Fridays, their day off, usually dedicated to praying at the mosques, go to the hamman and walk with the families.

It can be prepared with a multitude of ingredients, raisins, legumes, etc. but I recommend, especially if you travel during the summer, the saykout couscous, with whipped milk and butter, which is served chilled, and will give you a lot of energy.


El Tajín is another of the dishes that you will find everywhere. Like couscous, you can eat it at a fairly cheap price in any restaurant, and the quantity is usually considerable, so it can be shared between two.

This delicacy owes its name to the container in which it is prepared, an earthenware casserole with a conical lid, and there are different varieties among which I would highlight the Lamb Tajine with legumes, almonds and plums, dressed with cinnamon or saffron, and the Chicken Tajine, with lemon, olives and a very spicy tomato sauce.


The Pastilla, pastela or bastilla (bastil·la بسطيلة) has been the great gastronomic discovery of my trip to Morocco, although it can also be found in Algerian or Tunisian food. Without a doubt, I recommend that you do not stop tasting the perfect balance that it offers between sweet and salty, which is almost an aphrodisiac.

It is a very elaborate dish, with layers of puff pastry stuffed with slices of chicken or pigeon meat, interspersed with almond paste, all baked and seasoned with cinnamon and icing sugar.


The bissara is so popular in Morocco that it is even found in their sayings, such as the one that says “it is so poor that it only eats bissara”, since it is a very simple dish, but the truth is that I loved it and it was most comforting .

It is a simple bean puree with a generous jet of olive oil that you can see that they serve in many places during breakfast or as a companion to other dishes. Do not miss the opportunity to eat it accompanied by the fluffy Moroccan bread.


This soup, highly appreciated for being used to break the fast during the days of Ramadan due to its high caloric intake, is made with lamb or beef, legumes and tomato, seasoned with black pepper, coriander and ginger, and is usually accompanied with dates .

I must admit that it was difficult for me to include such a strong dish on my menu during my trip, and because I did not stop trying it, I ended up having a harira snack, but it was definitely worth it.


Moroccan kefta in a restaurant - Meatballs with tomato and eggs.

Kefta is minced meat garnished with pine nuts, onion, garlic, parsley, hot paprika, cumin, and olive oil, served in different ways and all of them are delicious.

If you travel on a tight budget, the best thing is as a barbecue or kebab skewer accompanied by cheese that you will find anywhere, and in restaurants they usually prepare it as meatballs with tomato and fried eggs.


For lovers of intense flavors, we have touajen, a stew of pickled lamb or chicken, which can also be made with fish, but in this case it is called Hout.


The aubergine zaalouk is one of the very typical and delicious salads of Morocco, especially from the city of Fez, and it is also known as eggplant caviar.

The dish consists of aubergine boiled and cooked with a tomato and garlic sauce, seasoned with cumin, sweet red paprika and lemon juice. All of this is allowed to cool and black olives, chopped coriander, olive oil, salt are added, and ready to eat!

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